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Spinal decompression in Edison is a back treatment that is safe and effective. However, we often get questions about how safe spinal decompression is for patients. Here at Backsmart Wellness Center, we have been using spinal decompression for nearly 20 years to treat low back pain safely and effectively. Learn what you can expect when getting non-surgical spinal decompression at Backsmart Wellness Center.

How Does Spinal Decompression by an Edison Chiropractor Help My Back Heal?

When you go through a spinal decompression treatment your back is opened up in a full stretch. This also opens up the nerves, muscles, and tendons and allows oxygenated blood to flow more freely. As more nutrients are able to reach the spine at this time, it encourages healing. Ideally, you can resolve your low back pain more quickly than with other treatment methods.

Is Spinal Decompression Safe?

Yes, getting spinal decompression is a completely safe way to improve your spinal health. We use the most advanced technology and equipment here at Backsmart Wellness Center. This allows us to provide you with a very precise degree of decompression. Your spine will be stretched out to just the right amount without causing pain or harm to your vertebrae. Furthermore, your Edison chiropractor Dr. Michael Lagana is a medical doctor who is board certified to complete spinal decompression services. Your back is in terrific care under the leadership of Dr. Lagana.

Find Back Pain Treatment in Edison

If you are searching for back pain treatment in Edison we are here to assist you. At Backsmart Wellness Center we offer comprehensive chiropractic care including non-surgical spinal decompression. Contact our office at 732-661-1121 to schedule your chiropractic consultation.

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