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Backsmart Wellness Center For Pain Treatment

Our chiropractor in Edison NJ is your trusted source for pain treatment and beyond. Located to serve the greater Edison area, we are all about convenience. Our office offers diagnostic x-rays and evaluations so that your care path takes place directly with our team. We offer acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy and massage to provide our patients with the most integrative care possible.

What to Expect At Your Visit To Our Chiropractor In Edison NJ

If this your first time visiting a chiropractic wellness center, our chiropractor in Edison NJ goes beyond pain treatment to treat you for the individual you are. We are proud to say that we only accept patients we truly think we can help. During your initial visit with us, we will ask many questions during your evaluation, provide any diagnostic procedures that may be necessary and then formulate a treatment plan suited to your personal needs. This is where we will offer you a report of findings, a suggested care plan and potential cost to you. At this time, we will usually perform your first treatment.

At your next visit, which we refer to this as “Phase I” of relief care, you may or may not be experiencing pain at this time. If you are, we will help alleviate this for you. We will continue your treatment beyond this to address the underlying cause of your problem. During the next phase, the corrective phase, you will not have to have adjustments as much as possible. This is where we maintain the progress you have already achieved in treatment to continue addressing the underlying issue. This phase keeps the underlying issue from becoming a problem again. The wellness phase will be about maintenance. We will suggest to each of our patients how often we suggest seeing us in this phase to keep wellness in check.

Contact Backsmart Wellness Center

To learn more or to schedule an appointment at with our chiropractor in Edison, NJ, please call us at 732-661-1121.

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