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Physical Therapy FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you thinking of hiring a physical therapist to help you improve your overall fitness, decrease your healing times and improve your mobility and flexibility? Here at Backsmart Wellness Center, we offer physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive from our patients.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a rehabilitative treatment that is designed to decrease pain, increase joint flexibility and mobility and decrease healing times. It is sometimes referred to as physical rehabilitation and physiotherapy. It involves performing specific exercises in a specific order both with our physical therapist and at home on your own. The exercises often involve the use of bodyweight or very light weights.

How can physical therapy benefit me?

Physical therapy benefits individuals by increasing strength in injured or weak parts of the body and improving circulation, joint flexibility and overall mobility. It is great for individuals that have trouble walking or climbing stairs and back pain, and it can also be used to heal sports injuries and repetitive motion injuries.

What does physical therapy treat?

Physical therapy can be successfully used to treat lower and upper back pain, should injuries, carpel tunnel, tennis and golfer’s elbow, runner’s knee, pulled muscles, sciatica, sprains and strains and tendonitis as well as many other illnesses and injuries.

Do I need a referral to start physical therapy?

A referral from your primary doctor is not needed to start physical rehabilitation at our clinic. All you have to do is call our clinic at 732-661-1121 to schedule an initial appointment and evaluation.

Are there any negative side-effects associated with physical therapy?

Physical therapy does not have any long term side-effects. It is a completely holistic treatment option for healing injuries and reducing pain. With that being said, many individuals experience pain and discomfort while performing the exercises. This can affect their motivation to continue with the program. It is important to note that the pain will decrease over time, and your strength and mobility will improve as long as you continue to perform the exercises and focus on your personalized path to wellness.

How long will I need physical therapy before I make a complete recovery?

The length of time varies depending on the type of injury and its severity. This is why, instead of setting end dates for your rehabilitation, we set individual goals for your recovery and reaching a goal indicates progression and healing.

What additional therapies complement physical rehabilitation?

Along with physical therapy, we offer acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments and nutrition advice. Depending on your specific needs, we may recommend one or more of these additional therapies to speed up your recovery process. If you are overweight, we may recommend losing weight because carrying excess weight puts added stress on your back and joints. If you smoke, we may recommend a cessation plan, as smoking decreases your lung capacity and increases healing times after an injury.

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