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Chiropractic Services

Our Edison Chiropractic Services

  • Full Spine Diversified – Diversified Technique is the oldest, most well-known and most widely-used of all chiropractic techniques. It works on all parts of the spinal column to correct biomechanical joint issues related to an injury, chronic degenerative condition or lifelong misalignment. Our Edison chiropractors apply high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts by hand to relieve pain, stiffness and nerve impingements.
  • Thompson Drop Table – The Thompson Drop Table is built in sections that can be adjusted to elevate or lower various parts of your body, allowing us to work on them with greater precision, efficiency and effectiveness. We also use the table to measure your leg length to observe how musculoskeletal problem may be affecting your stance, gait and balance.
  • Graston Technique – The Graston Technique can locate and release adhesions (excessive internal scar tissue that essentially glues connective tissues together) and other soft tissue problems that disrupt the body’s kinetic chains (sequences of joints that work together to permit complex motions). We use special steel instruments both to detect these soft tissue abnormalities and to apply adjustments that undo the restrictions.
  • Flexion Distraction – Flexion Distraction is the technique of applying a gentle pulling force on a specific part of the spinal column. It is especially useful for treating herniated or bulging discs that may be causing lumbar pain, sciatica and other neurological symptoms. Our Edison chiropractors gently manipulate the treatment table so that two of your vertebrae are drawn away from each other just enough to retract errant discs back into position and help them heal.
  • ArthroStim – ArthroStim is a handheld instrument that can deliver faster, smaller, more accurate adjustments than even the most skilled pair of hands could administer. This unit features a spring-loaded stylus that can deliver forces of different speeds and amplitudes, making it ideal for fine-tuned and painless adjustments.
  • FAKTR – FAKTR stands for “Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehab, Provocation and Motion.” This techniques combines elements of manual chiropractic adjustment and the Graston Technique, sometimes applying corrections while the body is in motion. FAKTR focuses on restoring normal range of motion in specific, frequently-repeated actions of everyday life.

We may also pair chiropractic services with helpful complementary therapies such as:

      • Physical Therapy
      • Massage Therapy
      • Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression
      • Class IV Cold Laser Therapy (**Latest European Technology!)
      • AquaMed Dry Hydrotherapy
      • Yoga/Meditation
      • Acupuncture

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