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Back Pain Specialist
Edison, NJ

Dr. Michael Lagana, Back Pain Specialist of Edison, NJ

Meet Our Back Pain Doctor

Dr. Michael J. Lagana was named Top Doctor 2022 by NJ Top Docs. He is one of the few Trauma Qualified Chiropractors in the state of New Jersey and has undergone rigorous training to be able to either diagnose or manage all spine cases. He is a back pain specialist in Edison who has completed an extensive program in triaging the injured, MRI spine interpretation, spinal orthopedics, early detection for stroke, spinal biomechanical engineering, and accident reconstruction for motor vehicle accidents.


How To Find Relief from Back Pain?

Our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Lagana, is pleased to offer a variety of alternative services to address back pain. If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from back pain, chiropractic care provides an alternative and holistic approach to managing and alleviating your discomfort. At Backsmart Wellness Center, our approach involves assessing your condition to identify the root cause of your pain as part of our belief system. Whether you have recently started having back pain from a sports or auto injury or have felt it creeping up in intensity over the years, our health team will identify the root cause of the pain. Once learned, our back pain specialist in Edison will then personalize a care program to help reduce your discomfort.

This care plan includes the use of chiropractic manipulations to position your spine properly. These gentle adjustments reduce back pain by removing pressure from compressed nerves. For example, when your vertebrae slip out of alignment, the small nerves coming out of and into your spinal column take the burden. These pain signals are sent to your brain and you feel back pain. Medications interrupt the signal to your brain. They do not solve the misalignment or heal the injury. Our back pain doctor provides top-of-the-line chiropractic care, a drug-free alternative to help your body restore itself to optimal health. You can once and for all manage your pain.

Treatments Available at Backsmart for Back Pain

Chiropractic Treatment

Backsmart Wellness Center, in Edison, NJ, offers alternative services to manage and alleviate back pain. Dr. Michael Lagana, our chiropractor, evaluates your condition to determine the underlying causes of your pain and personalizes a care program for effective relief.

Physical Therapy

Studies show that physical therapy is an effective first step in treating chronic pain. Backsmart Wellness Center’s expert back pain doctor in Edison, trained in trauma care, offers hands-on physical therapy to restore optimal health by addressing the root cause of your pain.


Backsmart Wellness Center offers modern acupuncture therapy in Edison, NJ. Our trauma-trained therapists use scientific techniques and thin needles to restore balance within the body, promote self-healing, and provide consistent pain relief for various conditions.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapist offers personalized massage therapy to alleviate neck soreness and back pain. Our trauma-trained therapists identify the source of your pain and create a unique experience to improve your overall wellness without drugs, opioids, or surgeries.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is an FDA-approved non-surgical procedure that uses controlled motions to stretch and relax muscles and bones of the spine. Safe and comfortable, it provides significant pain relief with no side effects.

Cold Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is low-level laser light that is concentrated on injuries, which is used at Backsmart Wellness Center. Using cold laser therapy accelerates cellular regeneration, reducing pain and inflammation and decreasing recovery time of soft tissue injuries.


Our back pain doctor in Edison at Backsmart Wellness Center incorporates hydrotherapy, involving exercises performed in water. This therapeutic approach aims to alleviate back pain by diminishing pressure on the spine, fostering muscle relaxation, and enhancing blood flow to affected areas. Water’s buoyancy and resistance also contribute to strength and flexibility improvements.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Whole body vibration therapy uses a vibrating platform to transmit energy through the body, stimulating muscles and bones, increasing blood flow and reducing pain in the back. It can also improve core strength and balance.

What Conditions Are Associated with Back Pain?

Injury Related Condition

Back pain shows up for a variety of reasons. An injury results in immediate and intense discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments re-position your body to reduce pain and allow your muscles to relax. We also educate you on corrective exercises to support a healthy spine alignment.

Posture Alignment Issues

Another way back pain occurs is through years of poor posture. Spinal adjustments place your spine in a healthy posture and with consistent adjustments and a conscious effort to stand tall, your back pain disappears. We also provide lifestyle advice to teach you healthier ways to sleep, sit, stand and work that will prevent future discomfort.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Our back pain specialist in Edison also helps to reduce back pain associated with sciatica. You may have a compressed sciatic nerve if you have lower back pain that also shoots down your hips or legs. Dr. Lagana will align your spine better to eliminate this sciatic compression and lessen your pain.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia also lead to back pain and discomfort. This pain may be in your upper, middle, or lower back and can move around depending on where fibromyalgia attacks. Chiropractic treatments are beneficial if you are suffering from fibromyalgia. Since your nerves are over-firing and the feelings of pain are uncomfortable, our gentle adjustments reduce pressure on pinched nerves. Plus, when your spine is in alignment, your muscles are able to relax instead of trying to support your posture. Your discomfort is reduced when these muscles are no longer contracting all day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Back Pain

What are the main causes of back pain?

If you’re experiencing back pain for various reasons, it’s advisable to consult our back pain doctor in Edison and schedule an appointment if you suffer from the following:

  • Muscle spasm in the back
  • Strain or injury to your back muscles or your vertebrae during sports or an accident
  • Sprain in the back caused due a ligament tear
  • Scoliosis
  • Kyphosis
  • Flat back
  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Spinal osteoarthritis (also called Spondylosis)

When to see a back pain specialist?

When you have back pain that lasts for many weeks or months, it is necessary to seek support from a back pain specialist. Some of the signs you need to look out for and that indicate the need for immediate care are:

  • The pain keeps increasing with the passing of time
  • The pain spreads from your back and into your legs
  • The pain makes it difficult to lie down, sit up, stand up or walk
  • There is a tingling in your feet
  • You experience sudden weight loss
  • There are problems with bladder control
  • You develop a persistent fever

If you notice any or many of these symptoms, please contact the Backsmart Wellness Center. Our back pain specialist in Edison can quickly diagnose the reason and provide personalized treatment that can help you experience pain/symptom relief immediately.

How can you tell if back pain is muscular or something else?

Your body will give out certain cues, depending on the nature of your back pain. This will help you identify if your back pain is muscular or has to do with your vertebral discs or is due to something else.

When you visit us at Backsmart Wellness Center, you will be closely examined by our team of highly-experienced back pain specialists. They will use a series of simple tests to learn about your mobility, muscular tenderness, disc health, and other conditions.

Our team may also ask you to undergo other tests to check if there are any signs of infection, ligament tears, nerve damage, vertebral compressions or fractures, and cancerous growths. These tests include:

  • Blood tests
  • Bone scans
  • CT and/or MRI scans
  • Nerve study
  • Nuclear medicine test

How do I know if my back pain is serious?

Typically, the severity and seriousness of back pain are characterized by how long it persists. If your back pain lasts only a few days or in 1-2 weeks and goes away, it may be acute back pain and not very serious. But, if your back pain persists after the three-week period, it is considered chronic back pain and is serious. It is necessary to consult a back pain specialist in Edison immediately and seek diagnosis and treatment.

How can back pain be alleviated?

Back pain can be alleviated by administering a combination of treatments that are designed uniquely for you. Once our experts understand the nature of your back pain they may recommend one or a combination of the below treatments:

  • Medication
  • Over the counter drugs
  • Topical pain relievers
  • Muscle relaxants
  • Physical therapy
  • Minimally-invasive non-surgical procedures
  • Cortisone injections
  • Radiofrequency neurotomy
  • Implanted nerve stimulators
  • Back Surgery

Our team will recommend the best treatment for you based on your symptoms, severity of pain, and treatment goals.

What do I do about unrelenting back pain?

Sometimes, back pain might be recurring. If you continue to experience severe back pain after a specific treatment, we recommend you visit us again for a follow-up.

Ideally, our primary focus during your initial treatment will be to reduce the need for surgery. But in some cases, surgery offers the best and most long-lasting results. If necessary, we will create a surgical plan with you to ensure you receive the quickest recovery, minimum discomfort, and maximum pain relief.

Contact our office for an appointment with our back pain doctor in Edison for more information.

Why Choose Our Back Pain Specialist in Edison For Your Back Pain?

At Backsmart Wellness Center our dedicated team is committed to addressing the root causes of your back pain, employing advanced diagnostic methods and tailored treatment plans. With a focus on your well-being, we offer comprehensive solutions to bring you lasting relief. Trust our experienced specialists to guide you toward a healthier, pain-free life. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards reclaiming your comfort and mobility. You do not have to go another day in discomfort. Please call us at 732-661-1121 to learn more.

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