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Neck Pain
Edison, NJ

Edison Chiropractor and Neck Pain Relief

Your first signs of neck pain may not be a pain in your neck. Although neck pain is the most common, you may also experience a stiff neck, numbing or tingling in your arms, upper back pain or headaches. These intrusive discomforts may be a symptom that something is out of place in your neck. Your neck is the home of the very top of your spine. This includes the top two vertebrae – the Atlas and Axis. If these two are out of alignment, the rest of your spine also suffers because it tries to compensate for the challenges at the top. When left untreated, neck pain leads to back and hip pain and affects how you work and play. Our chiropractors offer relief from neck pain in Edison, NJ and believe that you should live a pain-free and healthy life. The supportive health team at Backsmart Wellness Center work together to reduce your neck pain and improve your quality of life.


Our chiropractor performs an evaluation of your system to identify the cause of your neck pain. We may use x-rays and postural screenings to give us a better look at the position of your spine. Our initial goal is to reduce the severity of your pain. During this pain-relief phase, we perform spinal adjustments and specifically focus on the upper vertebrae of the spine. We may use other services such as spinal decompression to alleviate your discomfort and create space between the vertebrae to eliminate nerve pressure. Our lifestyle guidance during this phase includes changes in the way you sleep, work, sit and stand so that your neck pain improves. Your commitment and dedication to chiropractic care is important during this time. Our staff may ask to see you once a week or a few times a week depending on the severity of your issue.

As your care plan continues, we work on healing the source of your neck pain, especially if it is the result of an injury. We continue to complete chiropractic adjustments and increase our focus on corrective exercises to strengthen and loosen the muscles that pull on the vertebrae. We show you how to improve your flexibility and the reasons why it is important to take posture breaks to reduce your pain.

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Start Healing at Backsmart Wellness Center

You will be delighted to experience the results of our chiropractic care plan for neck pain in Edison, NJ. We personalize your treatment options and once we enter the maintenance phase, encourage you to continue receiving adjustments, visiting our massage therapist and performing at-home exercises. Our Backsmart Wellness Center team and Edison chiropractor have seen the value of direct care to reduce and eliminate neck pain. Let us show you how our holistic approach is drug-free and effective. You do not have to live with chronic neck pain even if it is the result a condition such as fibromyalgia. We still offer relief. Reach out to us today at 732-661-1121 to learn more.

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