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Massage Therapy & Chiropractic for Back Pain with Our Chiropractor in Edison

Chiropractic care and massage therapy are natural, non-invasive therapies offering pain and symptom relief for a wide variety of medical conditions. These time-tested, proven treatment methods also promote and maintain whole body wellness. Our chiropractor in Edison, NJ, uses chiropractic methods in combination with massage therapy, tailored to your specific healthcare needs.

Chiropractic Methods for Pain Relief and Wellness

Our Edison, NJ chiropractor provides an individualized care plan tailored to your specific health needs, which may include:

Diversified Full Spine Chiropractic Care – This effective, traditional treatment uses hands-on spinal adjustment, precisely delivered and controlled, for pain relief, range of motion improvement and release from nerve pressure and irritation.

ArthroStim – For the smallest, most precise adjustments, this stylus-equipped instrument allows your Edison chiropractor to quickly and painlessly manipulate bone and soft tissue for symptom relief.

Drop Table Treatment – This therapeutic tool, the Thompson Drop Table, is an adjustable surface that gives our chiropractor many options to petitioning your body for the most effective chiropractic adjustment and treatment.

Functional and Kinetic Treatment (FAKTR) – Relieves stiffness and improves range of movement using both manual and toll-assisted adjustment, often while you are in motion.

Flexion Distraction – Controlled motion on our specially calibrated treatment table helps decrease spinal disc pressure and reposition discs in to proper alignment. As bulging discs heal, pain is relieved and range of motion increased.

Therapeutic Massage at your Chiropractor in Edison, NJ

As an ideal companion treatment used along with chiropractic methods, we offer many types of massage, including:

  • Deep tissue: Uses slow, deep penetrating pressure
  • Sports injury: Soothes muscles involved in repetitive and/or aggressive movements
  • Prenatal: Relieves pregnancy-related discomforts
  • Swedish: Whole-body massage with firm, gentle strokes
  • Trigger point massage: Helps release scar tissue and relieve related pain
  • Myofascial release: Focuses on relieving joint pain and stiff joints

Schedule an Appointment with Our Chiropractor in Edison

A complete chiropractic plan of care, including massage, helps patients become stronger, relieve stress, manage pain and enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Let our chiropractor in Edison help you achieve your health goals. Call Backsmart Wellness Center today at 732-661-1121.

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