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It’s almost summer and that means warmer weather and more opportunities to get on that bicycle and go! Whether it’s mountain biking, a weekend ride with the family, or the daily bike commuter, more cycling means fun, but also a higher risk of injury.

A chiropractor can treat many of the most common bike-related injuries such as:

Cycling changes the weight distribution of your muscles and spine, but also bends the neck and back in an unnatural position causing tired and irritated neck muscles. In addition, cycling can put pressure on the piriformis muscle which in turn can aggravate the sciatic nerve causing pain in the buttocks or sciatica. Most likely the problem is bike fit, and then bike fit (and, did I mention bike fit?). Mechanical factors can contribute to lower back pain in otherwise healthy kids and adults. Back pain can also arise from anatomical causes like leg length deviation or misalignment of your spine.

At some point, most avid cyclists experience knee pain. However, because the knee is a hinge between the hip and ankle, it’s very rare that the problem is originating from the knee itself. The lower back can also come into play when it comes to knee pain. In addition, Achilles tendonitis and hip flexor strain can also come into play with cycling.

Wrist pain, otherwise known as handlebar palsy occurs when there is pressure in the ulnar nerve, which runs from your little finger to ring finger. This can lead to pain, numbness and tingling, and may be fixed by checking your bike fit and relaxing the shoulders while not gripping the handlebars too tight.

Numbness in the foot can also occur, as well as plantar fasciitis – an overuse injury caused by the constant, repetitive motion of pedaling, while possibly wearing the incorrect footwear and improper bike fit.

Can a chiropractor help with these kinds of problems? Yes! Treatment may involve a combination of adjustments, deep tissue massage, exercises and stretches. Since cycling involves the nerves, bones, muscles and joints in the body, a holistic treatment plan may be necessary that may include physical therapy and massage as well. In addition, chiropractors can help prevent future injuries and even enhance performance…keeping you riding for miles and miles with the wind whipping through your hair!

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