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In-store shopping for the holidays is no joke. Not only is it super stressful to find that perfect gift, but sometimes it can feel like an Olympic sport! The commotion and turmoil (and let’s be real…not so jolly co-shoppers) can really put a damper on our holiday spirits. The added physical and mental stress during this time of year can make us less mindful when carrying shopping bags, therefore leading to an increased risk of back and shoulder pain. Weight distribution is key and should be carefully considered when lifting heavy packages, boxes, and even small, tired children!

Here are a few tips to help minimize back and shoulder injuries:

Distribute weight evenly by trying to hold the same number of bags on both sides of your body. And remember to practice good posture while activating your core muscles when you are carrying heavy loads.

Avoid carrying more than 15% of your body weight. Keeping your packages light will lessen the strain on your back and shoulders. If you do purchase something heavy, consider shipping it to your home or asking someone to help you carry it to your vehicle.

Keep bags and arms as close to your body as possible so as not to compromise your back and shoulders. Trying to keep your arms and shoulders aligned will also help protect your wrists as well.

Don’t shrug your shoulders. Think about keeping your shoulder blades back and down, while lengthening your neck. This will aid in avoiding added discomfort and fatigued muscles.

Always bend from your knees and not your back when lifting heavy bags. Improper lifting techniques are one of the major causes of back injuries. Also remember to move mindfully, slowly, and carefully when lifting objects. So many of us get injured by simply not thinking and rushing.

Never stop working on your core and shoulder strength year-round to avoid any future injuries. A strong body is a pain-free body, and it’s better to be proactive than reactive!

If you’re already experiencing pain or discomfort, then book a chiropractic or physical therapy appointment to help you get back to enjoying your holiday season pain-free!

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