Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing Treatment in Edison

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of alternative medicine. The healing practice of Reiki traces back to the early 20th century to a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. Although Reiki has been adapted over time and by various cultures, at its core it is a type of massage therapy that uses the body’s natural energy for healing. Practitioners typically employ a hands-on technique to transfer energy through the palms of the practitioner’s hands to the patient to promote healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

The Health Benefits of Our Reiki Treatment From a Reiki Master

Backsmart Wellness Center’s Bunnie Rogers is a Reiki Master. Bunnie began studying Reiki after seeing how it helped her own mother with pain management and improved her quality of life. Patients who undergo Reiki treatment experience healing with all types of physical and emotional issues:

  • Reiki can help the patient reach a heightened state of relaxation which enables the body to better use its own energy to naturally heal itself.
  • Reiki can help the recipient achieve a state of peace which enhances their spiritual well-being.
  • Regular Reiki treatments can help balance the mind and emotions of the patient which enables them to address issues in their life with more clarity and focus.
  • Reiki works to relieve pain from chronic conditions such as sciatica, migraines, and arthritis.
  • Reiki helps the body achieve its natural balance and can help reduce side effects from medical treatments or speed healing after surgery.

Reiki is an all natural therapy. While it uses the universe’s natural energy in a focused way to improve the patient’s mental, emotional, and physical state, it works in a gentle, soothing manner. Reiki is appropriate for those of all ages, from toddlers through seniors, who are in need of healing treatment.

When you arrive at Backsmart Wellness Center for a Reiki appointment, Bunnie will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your health and well-being. She will tailor a program to address your particular needs and promote wellness of your mind, body, and spirit through the healing art of Reiki.

If you live in the Edison area and have been searching for an experienced Reiki Master, look no further. Make an appointment for a consultation and begin on your path to wellness today. You can contact Backsmart Wellness Center at 732-661-1121!

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