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Love Is All You Need

It’s February, and love is in the air! So, therefore, I’m here to tell you why your chiropractor is your one true Valentine. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you should fall in love with your chiropractor… that would be weird. But we all need to stop and show our chiropractors our appreciation and respect for all they do to keep us healthy and well.

Why you ask?

When it comes to being the consummate professional, they are the real deal.
Becoming a chiropractor is no easy task. It takes years of dedication, study, and skill. In addition, chiropractors perform long hours of physical work; adjusting patients’ spinal columns and joints manually, all while standing for extended periods.

Best listeners ever.
How many of us have been in the frustrating situation of a medical practitioner not listening to us? However, chiropractors care deeply about your concerns and are great listeners to you and your body about what’s troubling you. Through detailed examinations focusing on subluxations, joint restrictions, and muscle imbalances, they are able to treat your immediate pain. But also find the root cause of the pain, coming up with a precise care plan to help get you back into alignment and feeling great!

More bang for your buck.
Chiropractic treatment may be a cheaper alternative to conventional treatment of back pain. Research found that people who received chiropractic treatment had a lower overall treatment cost, in addition to their treatment duration being shorter.

Say no to drugs.
Treatment from a chiropractor may lower your need to take pain relievers. Nowadays, people with chronic pain are often given prescriptions for opioid pain relievers to manage their discomfort. This can be a dangerous road to go down in terms of abuse and addiction. Holistic chiropractic treatment decreases your risk and helps lower your need for these medications.

You may be feeling the love right now for your favorite chiropractor. I don’t blame you! But trust me, they love and appreciate you more than you do them. They love treating people, keeping them healthy and pain-free. Stop by our office for some love anytime!

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