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The results were great! 

By Jennifer M. 

I cannot thank enough Backsmart wellness center . My father has always had issues with his back , but last year it got to the point were he couldn't walk anymore , I brought him into this facility , and the staff is super friendly and they make you feel like home . The facility is also beautiful and clean . The care that my father got from dr lagana , dr varga, and dr giunta was incredible and very knowledgeable. The results were great , my dad is doing great now and always goes for his adjustments for maintenance . Don't think twice about going to Backsmart ! You won't regret it :) thanks guys . 

Look no further! 

By Roy D. 

Easily the best overall experience of ANY doctor that I have seen. The staff carry themselves in a way in which you feel like a friend, a member of their family... Not just a client.  The relief and improvement to ones overall health and well being is easily attributed to the care and attentiveness that you receive from the moment in which you walk in the door, until the moment you leave.   Simply put, if you need chiropractic or massage therapy... Look no further than Back Smart.

Not just staff..but an extended family!!!‎

By dizireee 

I've been a patient at Backsmart Wellness Center for almost 2 years and have been dealing with a complicated medical situation throughout the time I've been a patient with them. The staff at Backsmart has been accommodating to my every medical need. I've never met a practice that is so down to earth and makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin. From the second you walk in the front door, with Michelle's warm smile and sweet voice, to the Dr. Lagana's cheerful hug, it makes you feel like you're with your extended family. I've received everything from chiropractic care, physical therapy, and message therapy, and all the care I have received at Backsmart has been top notch!

The chiropractors on staff are both professional, yet personable enough to ask 'how your day was' or 'how is your family doing' sincerely. Rena, their message therapist, is excellent and has provided me with better messages than I received from any spa. Carolyn, their physical therapist, is extremely knowledgeable in all different forms of physical therapy and makes my PT sessions fun and less like work! I can honestly say I have consistently felt progression throughout my 2 years of care there. Backsmart was recommended to me by my mother and I would recommend their practice...now my extended family, to any of my own family and friends for great care and service.

Excellent treatment, and great staff!‎

By steven.silverstein 

I have been going to Backsmart Wellness Center for 2 months now, for treatment of neck pain that got increasingly worse over the prior year. Slowly but surely the condition is improving, and I have learned exercises and skills to prevent the problem from coming back. My experience at Backsmart Wellness Center has been completely positive. The 2 chiropractors (Drs. Lagana and Farber) are both excellent - very knowledgeable and skilled, and willing to take the time to explain why they are doing what they do.

The physical therapist (Carolyn) is also outstanding. She is very helpful on-site, and teaches exercises for use at home, depending on amount of pain present, and stage of treatment. There is also a massage therapist (Rena) associated with the practice. I have only had one massage, but it was so helpful I hope to have another one soon. Finally, the staff involved in coordinating billing and appointments (Donna and Michelle) are very friendly and both have a great sense of humor, helping to create a very warm waiting room, and exiting, experience. I am very happy with my treatment and overall experience at BWC, and rate it a 10 out of 10.

Absolutely the best care I've ever had!

By ProfHeff

I was in constant pain (not always terrible, but constant) since I've been 19 years old. Parts of me felt like they were going to explode. I put off going to see anyone for years because I just didn't trust doctors. A few months ago, our workplace held a health fair. On a lark, I went down and spoke to someone thinking - besides the pain I was normally in, I may have carpal tunnel in my wrist. They told me that they didn't think so but I should speak to the people at the next table. That was Dr. Lagana and the staff from Backsmart. It turned out to be the best day of my life. They examined me there and I set up an appointment to go to their office. Within two weeks - I'm telling you - two weeks - I felt better than I have for thirty-four years.

The people who work there are kind, courteous and genuinely care for the people who come in. I cannot stress how knowledgeable and wonderful these people are! Oh - my wrist doesn't hurt anymore, either! On this screen, you can give these people a 5 star rating with five being the best. If I could, I'd give them 100 stars!

One stop shop for wellness!‎

By A 

I was involved in a car accident last summer and was pretty banged up; pinched nerve and 4 bulged disks in my back, it was the first time I was involved in any kind of accident or injury. Friends and family were telling me about all kinds of treatments and doctors I would have to see to get better. Thankfully I didn't have to go through the hassle of multiple offices or doctors, Backsmart does it all. From day one Dr. Farber walked me through my treatment options and what Backsmart has to offer. I started with chiropractic treatment, then physical therapy, massage therapy and even acupuncture. I have never felt better and it's thanks to the Backsmart team! Thanks to Backsmart I was able to get better and move on with my life. If you are serious about getting better and feeling better Backsmart is the place to go.‎


I'm a believer!‎

By Momma Murphy 

I experienced sciatica for the first time in my life over the Holidays. Right after New Year's I made an appointment with Backsmart Wellness. Not even a month later, I'm feeling fantastic. I've experienced back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc. for many years and always attributed it to "getting old". Dr. Lagana has now convinced me that anyone can stay young with the proper care. No more sciatica, no more headaches, and loving life. And those massages, just heavenly! Thank you to everyone at Backsmart!‎


Unbelievably Great Doctors & Team‎!

By plava2004 

I have been a patient of Dr. Lagana & Dr. Farber since early 2009 and I feel 95% better! I was hurt in an auto accident injuring my neck, back & hand. I was initially worried to go to a chiropractor because of many negative opinions from people I know but Backsmart has changed that instantly! They are a very kind, caring, professional, and compassionate group. I have never felt this way about a medical office. Even the office personal are great! I enjoy & look forward to my visits. There is never a long wait, very accommodating, and very comfortable atmosphere. The doctors take the time to listen, they explain things to me in a way that I can really understand, and they have everything thing you need right there - chiropractic, massage therapist, physical therapist and acupuncturist! I am extremely happy with my progress and I will always recommend Backsmart-with no doubt! I am very happy that my attorney had placed me with Backsmart, he obviously knew what I now know. I am proud to be patient of Backsmart! Thank you Dr. Lagana, Dr. Farber, Michele, Donna and Rinna! You guys are great, you all made this unfortunate incident into an enjoyable one!


"Never in my life..."‎

By jo 

...have I met a more knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and truly caring individual in Dr. Lagana. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for his help. I first became a patient in November 2009- I have had multiple spinal fusions and have been in extreme pain for 2 years-Dr. Lagana not only diagnosed my problem(s) but ultimately gave me HOPE for the future. He has worked extensively with me to address my complex issues with the thoracic region and has offered to work with me in the future, even mentioning a payment plan. Although my problem still persists, I will remain a lifelong dedicated patient and believe that Dr. Lagana will always be there for me...I also know that he will never give up on me -I feel so comfortable wih him and have laughed at his wit and great sense of humor as well. He has done more than make me feel "physically" better- he has touched my heart and soul, too. I also want to commend his staff- they are such wonderful and warm people and treat everyone with dignity and respect- God bless them. In conclusion, may I say that I have never met such a fantastic doctor and human being as I did the day I walked into Backsmart Wellness Center. Please keep up the great work. I cannot wait to see you again....! (well, not really, but you know what I mean...:-). Love you all-Jo


The Best‎

By Ann 

My hip had been hurting for almost a year before I finally mentioned it. I had an adjustment and the next day I felt so much better that I didn't need to "hold on" when walking up and down stairs. It's been about 4 weeks (and 2 adjustments) and I feel great! My point- Don't feel you have to live with the pain. I could have had a much better summer if I spoke up sooner. Dr. Lagana and Dr. Farber are professionals- they know what they're doing. Everyone in the office works together as a Team. I personally enjoy a massage with Rinna before an adjustment. Her massages are amazing.‎


Great Team‎

By edubz584 

Having dislocated the same shoulder several times I was always in constant discomfort, making a lot of physical tasks difficult to do or finish. The pain would also travel through my trap muscle and into my neck affecting my sleep big time. After my first visit with Dr. Lagana I was able to sleep fantastic. I have been back dozens of times and wouldn't consider going somewhere else for several reasons.. 1 - the duo of Dr. Lagana and Dr. Farber are awesome and doesn't matter who you end up seeing because they both know how to adjust perfectly... and they're both very personable which is cool too... 2 - I dont think I've ever waited more than 10 minutes in the waiting room (who wants to wait long at a Doctors office anyway? there is a big flat screen in the waiting room which is cool)... and 3 - If I have a problem with my shoulder or neck I can almost always be seen sometime that same day because their hours are great (and the Office Manager, Michelle does what she can to make sure you're seen as soon as possible or what suits you best)... and if you have bad knots, Rinna (massage therapist) will get rid of those bad boys quickly and efficiently.


High Integrity: Trustworthy, Consistent...‎

By Aliyana 

I was involved in an motor vehicle accident and was prescribed physical therapy as part of my medical protocol. I discovered Backsmart Wellness Center and am presently being cared for by their superlative professionals. Beginning with the concept of physical therapy to final results. Everyone is personable and works well with colleagues and clients I find the doctors to be expert with deep and detailed knowledge of the injuries and treatments. Each step of the process is described and understood. I find Backsmart Wellness Center to have High Integrity: Trustworthy, consistent, and reliable services. A great place to recover without the need for prescription drugs or even over-the-counter drugs. Another plus: Backsmart Wellness Center is managing all of the medical claims through the auto insurance specifications.‎

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