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Edison Back Pain Patients Benefit from Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

Are you suffering from chronic back pain? If so, you are not alone; millions of Americans suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Chronic back pain can be incredibly debilitating, making daily activities, work and exercise difficult and painful. The good news is that back pain does not have to stop you from living an active life. Our chiropractor Dr. Michael Lagana provides drug-free back pain management using chiropractic adjustments and complementary treatments like massage therapy. We have helped hundreds of Edison back pain patients take back control of their lives – and Dr. Lagana is here to help you do the same!

Alternative Treatment Options Include Massage Therapy for Edison Back Pain

A spinal misalignment is one of the leading causes in Edison back pain patients. When the spine is misaligned, pressure from a herniated or slipped disc can compress nearby nerves, triggering pain. Poor posture, improperly lifting a heavy object, or even natural wear and tear over time can all cause a compression of the lumbar spine. While prescription painkillers can temporarily relieve lower back pain, as long as the spine’s mechanical misalignment persists, so too will the pain. This is why medication offers limited relief; drugs cannot “cure” the cause of your pain, so once the drugs wear off, the pain will return.

Dr. Lagana provides spinal adjustments to restore proper alignment to the lumbar spine for a more long-term pain management solution. These gentle, hands-on adjustments are extremely effective for correcting spinal misalignments. Not only do adjustments reduce pain, but they also decrease a patient’s dependency on medication, bed rest or other passive forms of treatment.

Our chiropractor frequently combines spinal adjustments with complementary therapies, including corrective exercises and massage therapy. Corrective exercises are a safe and effective way to bring movement back to the body following chronic back pain. Lower back pain affects how the body moves; it can trigger restricted motion in an attempt to avoid pain. Corrective exercises gently restore a normal range of motion and strengthen the body’s core, which helps to reduce the risk for future back pain problems.

Massage therapy can also help patients suffering from chronic back pain. Massage treatments complement chiropractic care, releasing tension trapped deep within the body’s tissues. When muscles are tense they harden into place, making movement difficult and increasing the risk for spasms and other types of pain. Massage is a safe, gentle way to release this tension. The act of massaging the body also increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood through the muscles, flushing out toxins and delivering nutrients for healing.

Dr. Lagana works closely with each patient to create a custom treatment program that eases pain and reduces the need for future pain. A healthy weight, core strength building, proper posture, and correct office ergonomics also help reduce the risk for back pain.

If you are suffering from Edison back pain, don't continue to suffer - schedule your appointment today!

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