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Edison Headaches and Migraines Treatment Provides Long-Lasting Relief

When headaches and migraines strike, these debilitating pain conditions can leave you overwhelmed, exhausted and unable to live your daily life. Unfortunately, pain medications are not a long-term pain management solution, and they cannot prevent the recurrence of either headaches or migraines. Fortunately, our non-invasive, drug-free chiropractic care can make a difference. If recurring headache pain is turning your daily life into one long nightmare, our Edison headaches and migraines treatment can help.

Headache Pain Management & Prevention in Edison

Chiropractic care is an effective headaches and migraines treatment that not only relieves pain, but also addresses the underlying cause, which helps prevent headache recurrence. While many over-the-counter medications can help relieve headache pain, these drugs only provide short-term relief. Once the medication wears off, pain may return. Chiropractic care is different. Our chiropractor will identify and correct cervical spine subluxations that may be responsible for headache pain. Our gentle, non-invasive treatments are safe, effective and completely drug-free.

A cervical spine misalignment is one of the most common underlying causes for headache pain. When the cervical spine is misaligned, nearby nerves and muscles in the neck become compressed. This includes the RCPM muscle, which can spasm and consequently trigger headache pain. Cervical spine misalignment may be due to an untreated whiplash injury, a sports accident or another personal injury. In fact, many of our patients have been struggling with this headache pain for several years after the injury – never realizing that their cervical spine misalignment was the true cause for their headaches. Our gentle adjustments bring alignment back to the cervical spine, relieving pressure on the nerves and muscles and improving blood flow to the brain. Our patients benefit from immediate pain relief as well as a decrease occurrence of headache and migraine pain.

In addition to managing migraine and headache pain through chiropractic care, our chiropractor also provides lifestyle advice and nutritional counseling. Physical triggers (e.g., sleep deprivation, caffeine, dehydration), environmental triggers (e.g., light exposure, air quality) and psychological triggers (e.g., stress, anger) may all be linked to different types of headaches. Identifying patterns of behavior that trigger headache pain is essential to preventing this pain in the first place. This is especially true for migraines, which are often associated with specific lifestyle, environmental and psychological triggers. Our focus on lifestyle changes is part of our whole body approach to Edison headaches and migraines treatment.

Don’t let headaches and migraines take over your life. Without effective treatment, headaches can control your life, damaging work productivity and preventing you from living an active lifestyle. Our drug-free chiropractic care and lifestyle counseling is highly effective for managing headache and migraine pain. By treating and eliminating the underlying triggers, our Edison chiropractor helps to prevent headache pain in the first place.

To learn more about our Edison headaches and migraines treatment options or to schedule an appointment, call 732-661-1121.

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